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    Today in Cartoon History

    Tex Avery is Born
    Wed Feb. 26, 1908 - Frederick Bean "Fred/Tex" Avery is born in Taylor, TX to George Walton Avery and Mary Augusta "Jessie" Bean.
    Disney's Lend a Paw Wins an Academy Award
    Thu Feb. 26, 1942 - Disney's Lend a Paw wins an Academy Award for Short Subjects (Cartoons) at the 14th annual Academy Awards ceremony.

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    Top 10 Best 3D Animated Films of all Time

    Who doesn't like a good animated movie? The past few years have seen a boom in 3D animated movies, and I will try to sum up the best of the best of the least worst and leave out the worst of the most bad. On top of the latest and greatest, it includes a couple of the classics. The art and the industry have already begun to change and expand...
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    ToonJet News Flash Posted on Aug 23, 2017

    Troubleshooting the Breeze
    So, since I haven't posted much news since I have been in school the last couple of years, I figured I would share a few things that were going on. Next...

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    Featured Cartoons on ToonJet

    Screen Song: Strolling Through the Park Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    screen song, famous studios, classic songs, classic cartoons online, kids cartoons, sing-along
    People and animals alike arrive at the park to watch a concert. The band director asks the audience to sing along with...

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    Silly Symphonies: Skeleton Dance Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    walt disney cartoon, silly symphonies, classic cartoons, skeleton dance, Halloween, black cats, owls, spooky
    In this spooky 1929 cartoon short, silhouetted owls, cats and skeletons set the stage for a game-changing classic dance...

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    Hoppity Hooper: Rock 'n' Roll Star part 2 Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    hoppity hooper, frog, waldo wigglesworth, rocky, bullwinkle, susan swivelhips, kids cartoons onlineHoppity has become a sensation with the girls after putting on a concert. Waldo is mesmerized by the money and fame they will get, but Hoppity decides to move on. After a new sensation called the
    Hoppity has become a sensation with the girls after putting on a concert. Waldo is mesmerized by the money and fame...

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    Gabby: The Constable Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    gabby cartoons, watch kids cartoons online, safe cartoons to watch online, cartoons tv
    Gabby walks the streets of a medieval town on watch for criminals. A pig thief knocks him down, as the mayor approaches...

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    Aesop\'s Fables: The King of Bugs Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    watch cartoons online, aesop fables, bugs, king, medieval cartoon, spiders, kids cartoon
    A kingly procession marches through the forest, as they head to "Ye King's Tournament." Many bugs and spiders compete...

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    Little Lulu: Loose in a Caboose Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    loose in a caboose, little lulu, watch cartoons online, kids cartoons
    Little Lulu approaches the train to get on, but the conductor is very strict and makes it known no one will board...

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    Betty Boop: Stop That Noise Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    betty boop, cartoons, kids cartoon website, free cartoons online, watch cartoon online
    Betty lives in the city, where all she hears all day is noise, noise, noise! She decides it's time to get away, so she...

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    Color Classic: An Elephant Never Forgets Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    kids cartoon website, internet cartoons, watch cartoon online, free cartoons
    All of the animals of the jungle pile into the Jungle School. The teacher asks the elephant what 2 2 is, and he can't...

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